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We will curate vast amounts of information and deliver what you need

Built Environment Channel will provide relevant content, efficiently without interruption. We will curate the vast amount of information available and deliver what you need to know. It will be up-to-date, informative, inspiring, clutter-free and save you time.

How? By connecting architects, landscape architects, engineers, urban designers, planners and property developers through a network of installed digital screens in practices throughout Australia.

Industry organisations and government bodies gain free access to the channel allowing them immediate updates on breaking news, CPD, events and critical built environment issues.

To ensure we deliver content that is valuable, relevant and engaging, an advisory panel of six practicing professionals will give regular critical feedback.

Our neutral editorial stance ensures our job is to inform, not lobby. The agenda is set by industry partners, existing media and important voices; not us.

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Our $5 million + commitment to support the industry

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A space for industry voices. Articles by key industry professionals.


Enhancing communication in the built environment