Having your project published on Built Environment Channel

The Built Environment Channel is a little different to typical publication platforms. We're not a website, we're not a magazine, instead we're an in-house digital screen network dedicated to the built environment!

The way we feature your project is through content pieces which appear on-screen across Australia throughout the day, for 15-seconds at a time. Each piece may play up to 30 times a day per screen, and the number of screens we're installing is growing each week.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your work to a new audience, in a whole new way. Your content will appear on the latest digital screens, ranging from 24" up to 80", from HD to 4K!

Be sure to scroll down to see our Frequently Asked Questions. However if we didn't answer your question below, or you want to know more, be sure to contact us.


Here is a bit of a showcase of some projects and news we've published

Shenzhen Energy HQ in Shenzhen, China by Bjarke Ingels Group

Fleinvær Refugium in Gildeskål Kommune, Norway by by TYIN tegnestue


Some of your Frequently Asked Questions

I can't find any projects on your website, where will it be published?

At the moment projects and news are only published on our installed digital screens, found in the offices of architects, landscape architects, and urban designers around Australia.

How can I see it?

The only way to see it natively is if you have physical access to a screen with our network on it. However we can provide photographs / digital montage of your project on screens, as well as jpgs of the content pieces.

What do you need?

A general media kit is great, which might include a selection of photographs, a text or PDF document with the data of the project, a description if you have one, and any plans or sections, however we're more focused on striking imagery, with a little bit of text.

What is critical for us is high-resolution images! Your work will appear on 4k screens, some which are up to 80" in size, so in order for your project to appear sharp we need high-res. At a minimum, 1080 pixels on the short-side but images which are above and beyond 2160 pixels is ideal. Anything below 1000 pixels, we may not use it or we might reach back out to you.

Are there any costs?

No, there is no cost to you to be featured on our network.

How will you be using this content?

We will take your photos, images and text to create content pieces which will be displayed on digital screens ranging from 24" up to 80". A typical feature might include 2x content pieces with full-bleed images, 1x content piece with two portrait images, and 1x content piece with a short description. Have a look at our showcase to see some examples of published projects.

Will I be credited?

Yes, our policy is to always credit your practice and the photographer. If you've collaborated with a practice on a project, provided you've included them in your documentation, they will appear alongside your practice. Sadly if your documents don't contain the credits, we can't credit, so please ensure you have them.

Can I recieve a copy?

Yes, you will receive the content pieces we created for your reference or archive.

Can I have a look before you publish it?

Of course, just let us know and we're happy for you to have a look and approve it before we publish it to our network.

Would it be possible to get the network in our office?

Yes and maybe, at the moment the network is only available to practices in Australia. If your international practice has an Australian office and they sign up to our network, then yes it is possible. If you are curious, don't hesitate to ask or send an email to info@becnetwork.com.au and we'll get straight back to you.