The Built Environment channel is available to practices of all sizes throughout Australia. 

At no cost to you, BEC allows you the flexibility to share internal content with 1/3 of the screen time dedicated to your practice. 

While our team delivers a central industry news feed, your internal screen content is customised to reflect your practice’s style guidelines. With your own dedicated bespoke content portal, our user-friendly interface does most of the work for you.


BEC for large practices

The Installation of slimline ultra-high definition digital screens at no cost to you gives you a premium platform to instantly connect your practice with the latest in-house news, staff appointments, achievements and project highlights. 

Does your practice have multiple locations? We can connect your offices, nationally and internationally, allowing you real-time communication with your staff across your practice locations. 


BEC for small practices

Having successfully completed the beta testing phase of the BEC Built Environment Channel, we’re now pleased to announce a pilot programme to develop a second service, designed specially for small practices.

Architecture, Landscape Architecture & Urban Design practices, regardless of the number of staff they employ, can now apply to participate in our pilot service. Practices will receive our visually stunning, informative and inspiring channel at no cost.

  • Utilise your existing screen, or BEC may provide one.
  • Experience the benefits of receiving industry-specific content in a stylish and effective way.
  • Use the channel to promote your work to visitors to your practice.
  • Contribute to a stronger profession through the BEC Build Forward Fund.
  • Flexibility to opt out at any time if you choose.

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