There is a difference between how many and who. Old marketing was about how many. New marketing is about who.
— Seth Godin


An industry first, this in-house broadcast channel delivers dynamic content and vital industry information specific to busy professionals in architecture, landscape architecture & urban design practices.

Reach important decision makers in the built environment who are specifying a range of products for our future residential and commercial buildings.

Your creative message seen at their place of work with high frequency.

Content delivered across the BEC network includes breaking industry news, sustainability ideas, messages from governments and industry bodies, latest national and global trends, and showcasing of innovations and inspirations.

BEC reaches a highly targeted premium audience in the built environment, who are traditionally hard to reach, and who influence the decisions on which products and materials to specify.

With only 20% of screen time allocated for advertisers, your creative advertising message will have a high frequency, with 15 second placements appearing twice per hour, 100 times per week, per screen.

BEC is a highly innovative way for brands to reinforce their market leadership and influence architects. Advertisers can use BEC to compliment current and future marketing campaigns, in an affordable and highly effective manner.


Key facts

100x15 second placements per week, per screen

500+ screens

250+ locations

To respect our discerning audience BEC has a high content (80%) low advertising model (20%), meaning high impact for our advertisers.


For further advertising enquiries please contact:

Patrick Harrington

Sales Manager

M: +61 409 550 020