What will I see on my BEC screen?

BEC broadcasts a frequently updated loop of footage comprising:

  • 30% your practice’s own work (chosen by you — uploaded by us)
  • 25% local and global architecture inspiration
  • 25% industry news
  • 20% product advertising

Can I change what I see on my BEC screen?

Yes, if you have a particular preference of what you want to see more or less we can quickly edit your loop without having to be on site at your studio. Rest assured, our production team is extremely responsive and agile.

I have an open-plan studio. Will my BEC screen be distracting?

The BEC streaming feed is silent, so it won’t interfere with your usual workplace interactions. And BEC screens can be installed in a location of your choice. Many practices opt to position a BEC screen in the tea room or stationery room — both high-traffic spots where information can be easily absorbed without disrupting your team’s daily routine.

Alternatively, if you want your BEC screen to be visible to clients, we recommend positioning it in the foyer or reception area of your studio.

Will I see advertisements broadcast on BEC?

Yes but strictly limited. Product information and advertising accounts for a maximum of 20% of the BEC loop.

Our consulting architect has oversight over this content to ensure that the products and services advertised are:

  • High quality
  • Informative
  • Highly relevant

In particular we are focused upon products that are reputable, compliant, sustainable and innovative. You will NOT see advertisements promoting:

  • Other architect practices
  • Recruitment
  • Alcohol and/or gambling
  • Anything else our advisory panel deems in appropriate

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