A new and innovative digital screen network in Australia dedicated to the built environment industry

Our underlying principles

The Built Environment Channel is designed to provide the most-useful content in the most efficient way without interruption. Our editorial stance is neutral – our job is to inform, not lobby. The agenda is set by our industry partners and thought leaders, not us.

Guided by our industry advisory panel, our program stream has:

_ No audio

_ Short form content – easy and quick to understand

_ Aggregated content that‘s clearly sourced so you can find more

_ Limited product content to fund the network and the BEC Build Forward Fund

_ Screens are installed in your office/s at no cost to you

Supporting the broader industry is a key function of the Built Environment Channel. This includes collaborating with existing media to highlight their important work.


Meet the Team

  Andrew  Founder + CEO

Founder + CEO

  Anthony  Content Coordinator

Content Coordinator

  Bill  Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer

  Michael  Consulting Architect

Consulting Architect

  Marina  Network Coordinator

Network Coordinator

  Gabriel  Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer