The Built Environment Channel (BEC) is a new, free streaming service for architects


Small, medium and large architecture practices count on BEC to deliver timely and tailored architecture news. How? We’ve partnered with all of Australia’s key architecture industry bodies to bring your practice the latest industry intel, now.

Your studio’s BEC network will stream industry news, local and global design inspiration, as well as showcase your work.

BEC Benefits for your practice

  • Bypass inbox overload — access curated, relevant industry intel, fast

  • Save time — forego meetings, instead broadcast internal news on one central screen in a high-traffic part of the studio

  • Showcase your latest projects to clients and prospects


Access and installation

  • Contact BEC to determine the right BEC screen to suit your practice (choose from varying sizes and styles)

  • We upload your projects to a BEC media player (containing the BEC feed on a loop)

  • We install your BEC screen and BEC media player

  • Contact us to refresh your projects, whenever you have new work to showcase


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